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Tuesday, July 30th:
Consignor Drop-Off 10:00am-8:00pm
(Must be checked in by 7:30pm)


Wednesday, July 31st:
12hour Volunteer Presale 10am
8hour Volunteer Presale 11am
4hour Volunteer Presale 12pm

Consignor Presale 1pm
PrimeTime Shopping
$10 Cash/adult (before we open to the public) 2pm until 9pm close Free Admission Coupons NOT Accepted during this Presale.
Teacher Presale 4pm
1st time parent/grandparent Presale 5:30pm
Military/Medical/First Responder Presale 7pm

We will be open until 9pm

Thursday, August 1st:
Open to the Public 9am to 9pm

Friday, August 2nd:
9:00am-4:00pm Public Shopping
Free Admission

(Closed for private presales 4-6pm)
6:00pm-9pm  PrimeTime Half-Price Sale  OPEN TO THE PUBLIC for $5 Cash Admission
Items without a Star are half-price!!

Saturday, August 3rd:
8:00am-1:00pm Public Shopping
Free Admission  Items without a Star are half-price!

Saturday, August 3rd:
8:00-9:00pm Consignor Pick-Up
  Items not picked up at 9:01pm will be loaded onto the donation truck.  NO EXCEPTIONS!


Items Accepted for All Season Event

-New & Gently used clothing that is free from stains, and tears, sizes premie-junior (Junior sizes are limited to 15 items per consignor, No womens/mens sizes permitted)
-Jackets & Coats (sizes premie-juniors)
-Costumes & Dress Up (sizes premie-Children's size 16)
-Maternity clothing (Maternity clothing is limited to 15 items per consignor)
- New and Gently used Shoes (shoes in mens/womens sizes are limited to 2 per consignor)
-Children's accessories (hats, socks, NEW underwear, etc.)
-Infant accessories (bibs, bottles, burp cloths, wipe warmers, etc.)
-Outdoor play equipment, clean & in good condition
-Toys in excellent working condition (with working batteries, if applicable)
-Puzzles and games with all of their parts and pieces included!
-Stuffed animals MUST be name brand (FAO, Build a Bear, Disney and limited to 5 per consignor)
-Baby equipment (less than 5 years old)
-Nursery and kids furniture (must be assembled to sell)
-Books in GREAT condition
-DVDs, video games, musical instruments, gaming systems
-Mommy Mart
New in box appliances, re-giftables, seasonal items, current wall art, clocks, decor and LIKE-NEW purses (items MUST be less than 5 years old with a limit of 10 items per consignor)

Because of space constraints we will strictly inforce item limits!
Consignor item limit is 500
Power Consignor items limit is 750


Don't miss out on our announcements, sale dates, important info, etc. for  upcoming sales!  We email starting about 6 weeks prior to each sale. We will NOT email you in the off-season unnecessarily.

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Christy V

April 17, 2019

Very organized and great layout

Sarah S

April 17, 2019

"I love being able to sell the toys and clothes my kiddos aren’t using anymore without dealing with the drama of a garage sale or fb marketplace! It’s awesome being able to find great deals on new clothes and toys that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford as well! All in one place! And a huge added bonus is that I always find something for my classroom too!! -Sarah from www.downthehobbitholeblog.com "

Alyssa W

April 17, 2019

"Great owner, organized and multiple buyers. "

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Victoria Lehr
(480) 203-6698 Call/Text*

Kids are expensive and they grow fast, so we created a community event where families can come together to sell the things their kids are no longer using and buy what they need at 50-90% off retail. Why not let other families purchase these items at greatly reduced costs and earn cash from these investments? Whatever items don't sell are donated to our amazing charity partner! JBF is a win-win for everyone!